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Only you can be the master of your money. Our goal is to give you the practical information you need to manage your money, save and live debt free.


Doug Hoyes

Doug was inspired to use his financial experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant and Licensed Insolvency to help individual people, not corporations rebuild their financial future. Every day he meets with and advocates for consumers needing debt relief to ensure they receive a fair and respectful debt management solution. In his 30+ years, he has seen people struggle with basic personal finance concepts. He's seen people follow conventional wisdom or make decisions based on emotion over logic only to find themselves facing serious money trouble. His goal - to give people practical advice on how to manage their money and live debt-free. Doug is the author of the personal finance book Straight Talk on Your Money – The Biggest Financial Myths and Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them, now available online. He is also the host of the Debt Free in 30 podcast, now entering it's eight season. And now, Doug is bringing more practical information to help you achieve your financial goals with our Straight Talk on Personal Finance courses.